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Everything’s Rosey

I wanted to do something a little girly besides sunrise and sunsets, so back to the garden, and what better subject than the ever classic rose?



Mocking Bird!!

Ok, I will admit it, I am not a bird photographer, nor do I really want to be. I don’t have the patience to wait for the right shot. But, since this is probably the only bird shot that I am ever going to get, I have decided to post it.

Full disclosure now….I did not have to work for this image!  This bird was almost stalking me, smirking and smugly mocking me at every turn, until, I finally gave in and shot it! (In a good way)

Though technically, not very good, it is probably the best I am ever going to get. If you know what type of bird this is, I would be happy to know.

Albany Marina


View of the new Marina and Entertainment Centre in Albany, WA.




Rocky Sunset

I’ve been laid up in bed for several weeks with a bad back, and haven’t been able to use my camera for four weeks.  Resulting in severe withdrawals.  Biting the bullet (and dosing up on painkillers) I went to a local spot, with minimal walking to capture this sunset.

I fear I may have over done it a wee bit, but I tried my hand at a little light painting with a torch on the rocks.  This was a 50 second exposure, ISO 100, f/8.

Once again, I am laid up, but the pain is worth the shots I got!

Inner Peace

While recently redecorating our bedroom, my husband complained that it was too “pretty” and nothing of his was out on display.  Now, many wives will understand why this is so.  Football, cricket, and motorsports don’t usually go with the theme in most bedrooms, and should be relegated to games rooms, garages or, the depths of the deepest, darkest closet in the house.

My husband loves to grow roses, and spends much time nurturing them to produce gorgeous blooms each year.  So, to compromise, I took a photograph of one of the roses called “Peace” and played around with some textures.  While not really fitting the theme of my new decor that well, I am willing to compromise.