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Morning Magic

Today I am posting two shots.  Before and After!  I recently bought Cokin Filters and oh what a difference they have made.  Post processing time was virtually nothing on this shot, and all I have done is lighten the foreground and part of the driftwood.  Gotta love them Filters!! Hope you enjoy 🙂

After Shot

Before shot


Right Place, Right Time!

I have recently been asked to photograph our beautiful town of Albany for a tourism publication.  I went to the historical Camp Quaranup to photograph the Cheynes II and was lucky enough to see a pod a dolphins feeding in front of the boat.  As Murphy’s Law would have it, I had a borrowed lens on my camera, and was not very familiar with it, and consequently missed some awesome shots.  So, this one will just have to suffice!

Point King Lighthouse

Point King Lighthouse, Albany, Western Australia.  Built in 1858 and in operations until 1911.  It had four caretakers in its commission, with one family having 10 children living in a four room cottage perched on a steep rock face.  Unimaginable!

I would like to point out that there has been no colour correction on either shot.  The first one is all down to Cokin filters and I think I like the results!

This next shot was taken about 40 minutes before sunrise.  Settings,  30sec, f/8, ISO 200 and tried light painting with two very weak torches!

Rock & Ruin

Finally got myself some graduated filters to play with!  This shot is pretty much straight out of the camera apart from some cropping and levels.  I stacked a ND4 and ND8 Graduated filters, plus ND8 circular filter.  I am very impressed at the colour and almost avoided blowing out the sky.  BUT, I hate how you lose so much of the shot because you can see the edges filters and have to crop them out, or pull your lens back.  Annoying as hell, and kind of negates the use of the wide angle lens!!  May possibly just be user error too 🙂