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Smokey Road

This is an image that I don’t quite like, but my daughter, who is my biggest critic, loves it.  Her opinion has helped me place in many competitions, so I decided to post it for her.  Once again, textures from Shadow House Creations.

Off to Bali for three weeks tomorrow, and will catch up on everyone’s blogs when I get back. 🙂


Bremer Bay Estuary

This shot was taken on a recent outing to Bremer Bay with the Albany Photographic Society.

A last minute decision to shoot the sunset, then, trying to find the best vantage spot in an unfamiliar town had us all running up this little path and scrambling to get the shot.  Taken in a super hurry, I just threw on some filters (ND8 & ND8 Soft Grad) and hoped for the best.  This was the best out of quite a few ordinary shots.

Sugar Loaf Rock again.

Ok, it’s another one of this rock, but I can’t get enough of it.  This was taken with an ND8 filter and has been desaturated by about 25%.  It’s still vibrant and over the top, but I thought I’d post it anyway because I like the cloud formation…

I have tried to desaturate it more, but it starts to look murky and flat.  Any and all critique gratefully accepted.  Merv that means you 🙂

Basement Level

As promised, something a little more butch than wildflowers.  🙂

Taken in a rather spooky flooded underground car park late at night. Sure creeped me out!

Taken on Canon 400D @ f9, 13 secs, ISO 100

Wildflower Mania has taken hold

Once again wildflower season has descended, and I find myself constantly scouring the countryside for anything slightly resembling a flower that might be interesting!  A four and a half hour drive today took closer to seven hours with all the stops and starts, but managed to find a few gems to share. I know wildflowers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I promise to put something a little more butch up next time.

If I have the names wrong I apologise now and feel free to correct me.  🙂

Common Donkey Orchid

White Spider Orchid

Scented Sun Orchid


Purple Pansy Orchid

King Spider Orchid

Forest Mantis Orchid

Southwest Beaches

Had an amazing day out and about shooting some of our gorgeous Great Southern beaches yesterday with friends and fellow obsessive compulsive shooters like myself. Leigh Diprose, Julie Holland and Michael Lee thanks for a great day out!

Leigh, if I could pick pockets, you’d be minus one set of Lee Filters right about now 🙂







Michael "Mountain Goat" Lee

Michael, Leigh and Julie

Sharp Point, Albany, WA

I chose the wrong night to head out to Sharp Point.  Howling winds made getting a sharp shot almost impossible and out of about 50 shots, I only kept 3.

Add to this scenario my husband (who never comes on a shoot with me, and whom I shall not invite again until my heart recovers), who kept freaking me out getting too close to the edge of the cliffs in 40km plus winds.  Hope you like it 🙂