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Fremantle Lighthouse

After doing a photoshop course with Christian Fletcher, I decided to try to put into practice what he taught us.  I was going for the silhouette look with the sun beaming through the glass.  Unfortunately, being vertically challenged, I couldn’t quite get it right.

Once again the texture used is from Shadow House Creations.


Arum Lily

Playing with textures from Shadow House Creations.  Jerry is an amazing artists and if you get five minutes spare, check his work out.  An incredible, generous man.

City Lights & Clouds Reflected on Princess Royal Harbour

Heading home from a committee meeting the lights from the city of Albany, WA, were reflecting on the clouds and the water.  I couldn’t help myself, I had to go home and grab my camera and head back to try to capture it.

Not as sharp as I would have liked, but neither are my eyes at 10.30pm.

Banksia Beauty

Just a couple of my favourite Banksias.

Canola Colour

This was the first test shot I did with my new Canon 70-200mm, f2.8L IS II lens.  Beautifully sharp, fast and seriously heavy for my weakling arms, but I am very, very happy with it and it is fast becoming my favoured lens.  Now just need to build some muscle to haul it around.

Shearing Shed

I passed this shed on the way to Dunsborough and had to stop to snap a few shots.  The people that owned the property weren’t home, so being the good photographer that I am, I stayed outside the paddock.

I was so tempted to climb the fence, but, I am only 5 foot and couldn’t reach!!!!!


Little Grove, Albany, WA

A few shots close to home because I am too lazy to go anywhere else!  I loved the cloud formation and gorgeous blues that faded into a pretty pink.


Altered Landscape Debate

Lately there has been much discussion on Altered Landscapes.  I have to admit, I am confused as to the definition.  So, I went through my archives trying to find something that I think fits the bill and came up with these.

If someone can clear up what an “Altered Landscape” is, I would appreciate the clarification, as I still have no clue!