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Another shot from our Bremer Bay weekend.  I’ve just noticed my friend Julie has an almost identical shot, check it out here.  We must think alike photographically Julie 🙂


Araluen Rose

On a recent trip to Araluen Botanical Gardens, the roses were in full bloom and I thought I would share one.



Out of Warranty

I drive past this old car everytime I go to Perth and always swear I will stop and get a shot.  It never seems to happen!  So, my husband was sick of my whinging about it, and stopped and made me take one or ten shots of it.  Then he proceeded to stop at all the places I’ve wanted to shoot for ages, turning a 4 hour trip home into a 7 1/2 hour one.  Now my computer is drowning in hundreds of images to edit. 🙂

Pipe Line

Kelvin Robinson chauffeured me around Kwinana & Rockingham and this is one of the shots from the day out and about.

Sorry Pete 😉


Smokey Sunset

My heart goes out to those who have lost everything in the recent bushfires near Prevally and Margaret River regions.

These shots were taken at sunset when smoke from unrelated bushfires burned out of control nearer to my home town of Albany, WA.

Bremer Bay, Western Australia

Our annual Photography club weekend away was to Bremer Bay.  So much to see and photograph, two days was definitely not enough.  Was heading back this week, but got called in to work 😦


Old Power Station

While visiting Perth recently, I had the pleasure to accompany several photographers on a shoot, and each one showed me some amazing places to shoot.  I know I will definitely be revisiting some of them again.  Thanks Leigh, Dianne and Kelvin!

I thought I would show the before and after shots of one.  The texture used is my own and original is shot one stop under to get that dark feel.

Canon 5D Mark II, 70-200 f2.8L II, f8, 1/200, ND8 Graduated filter



City Lines

A shot that caught me a first placing in the Albany show.

Lady of the Lake

This is an image I have had for about 18 months.  I’ve always liked it, but didn’t really know what to do with it.  So a few weeks ago, I had a play.

I was going for the spooky feel, not sure if I achieved it or not!

Securely Bolted

Altered Landscapes aren’t my thing, but I am beginning to think I quite like the concept of them.  On a recent photography trip with a friend, I found myself looking for that elusive “Altered” shot, instead of the typical pretty landscapes I normally do.  And I came home with hundreds of shots of rubbish bins, walls, and ugly buildings!  Go figure!! 🙂