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Blue Wren

I see these Wrens all over my garden, so thought I would try to take a half decent shot.  Birds aren’t my thing, and waiting for this guy to sit still for more than half a millisecond, I almost gave up.  But am quite happy with these shots.

This guy has quite the harem going, but I couldn’t catch the females.


Double Lock

December has been crazy with work and I haven’t been out for weeks with my camera!  So this is what you get today!  Nothing special, but I just love all the textures so thought I would share.

Also added my new logo, some dude wanted to charge me $1300 to design a logo for me, I politely declined and made one myself.  Figured I could put that $1300 I just earned toward a new lens 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful Xmas and a very safe Happy New Year. 🙂

Against the Elements

One day out, three usable shots!!  Visiting my new nephew in Borden, WA with my daughter, I thought I would (as always) use the opportunity to catch some shots on the journey.  But it turned into an epic battle against mother nature, and my semi-loved child.  The wind was fierce, which in turn made it hard to get a sharp shot, and my trusty side kick refused to get out of the car (in fear of messing the hair I am sure).

Picture this!  There I was in the howling winds, on the side of a major road, Road Trains zooming by trying to change lenses.  I turned my back to the wind (facing the road) struggling to stay upright and a gust of wind blows my t-shirt almost over my head and my bits saying hello to all and sundry.  Truck driver grins and gives me a wave!!  Mortified, I tuck my t-shirt into my pants reminiscent of a horrible 80’s fashion disaster and try to snap a shot and literally get blown over on my butt.

Feeling a little put out, I look over at my loving child in the car for some assistance, only to see her in the driver’s seat with a maniacal grin waving the car keys at me threatening to drive off and leave me to the elements (and rogue truck drivers).  I get to the car, and she has locked me out! Laughing hysterically until she cries, she has the music pumping, pretending I don’t exist.

At this stage, I used “The Look”!!  Any mother will tell you “The Look” usually yields results.  Unfortunately my Hairy Eyeball lost some of its punch along with my dignity at the preceding comedy of errors.  When I eventually got in the car the next 50km or so were fairly silent, except for the occasional snigger from my child!!

So here is one of the shots I managed.

Canon 5D Mark II – 17-40mmL – Graduated ND8 & ND4 filters for the sky.  And a few tricks learned from the Guru Christian Fletcher to tickle the image. If you are thinking of doing one if his courses, I highly recommend it, you will learn so much!!


Flower Power

Thought I would share a couple of flower shots.  One unknown flower taken at Araluen Botanical Gardens and a hibiscus, peeking through a neighbours fence.

Both were taken on very overcast days with Canon 5DMII and 100mmL Macro.

Albany Port at Sunrise

Insomnia can be such a bitch, but sometimes it has its benefits.  Awake since 1.30am, decided to go shooting, but I am too lazy to go too far from home so went to one of my favourite spots in town.

I’m still in love with my Canon 70-200 f2.8L IS II, which I used for the first and last shot, (but still need to build some muscle to hold it).  The others are taken with 17-40mm (with a ND8 filter) which hardly ever comes off my camera.



In Your Face

In Your Face….literally!  You know how they say you should always pay attention to everything around you while taking the shot.  I must have missed that memo!!  Got me right in the face, then swamped me up to my knees even though I was high on the beach.


An old shot found in my archives from about 2 1/2 years ago when I first starting shooting.   Shot on a really hazy day and taken with a Canon 400D and Kit 18-55mm Lens.

Pre 5DMII, and in the days before I became an L-coholic!!