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For Michael & Julie

As per the suggestions of Michael Lee and Julie Holland, I thought I would post the original shot of Greens Pool, then the version without the texture.

The first shot was taken just about first light, with an exposure of 44 seconds.  I liked it, but felt the blue was overpowering.  So I reduced the saturation and lightened the whole image.  Resulting in the second shot.

And anyone that knows me, knows I am a texture fiend, so I put one on, hence shot 3.

All C&C is gratefully accepted 🙂


Greens Pool, Denmark WA

I was excited to attend a workshop with Neal Pritchard at Greens Pool just outside of Denmark.  Not so excited about the 4am start though!

The morning was off to a great start and the weather seemed to be playing the game.  Unfortunately for Neal, that is where the fun ended when he broke his leg about the same time this shot was taken.  I have attempted to edit this shot they way we discussed before the accident, not sure I pulled it off, but I am pretty happy with the result.

I am looking forward to the redoing the workshop when Neal is back on his feet again.