Blue Wren

I see these Wrens all over my garden, so thought I would try to take a half decent shot.  Birds aren’t my thing, and waiting for this guy to sit still for more than half a millisecond, I almost gave up.  But am quite happy with these shots.

This guy has quite the harem going, but I couldn’t catch the females.



An old shot found in my archives from about 2 1/2 years ago when I first starting shooting.   Shot on a really hazy day and taken with a Canon 400D and Kit 18-55mm Lens.

Pre 5DMII, and in the days before I became an L-coholic!!

Lady of the Lake

This is an image I have had for about 18 months.  I’ve always liked it, but didn’t really know what to do with it.  So a few weeks ago, I had a play.

I was going for the spooky feel, not sure if I achieved it or not!

The Watcher

This picture was only my second foray into using textures, but remains one of my favourite images to date.  It consists of four layers, the tree, the crow and two textures from Shadow House Creations.  Do yourself a favour and check out this guys work.  Amazing stuff!!


Mocking Bird!!

Ok, I will admit it, I am not a bird photographer, nor do I really want to be. I don’t have the patience to wait for the right shot. But, since this is probably the only bird shot that I am ever going to get, I have decided to post it.

Full disclosure now….I did not have to work for this image!  This bird was almost stalking me, smirking and smugly mocking me at every turn, until, I finally gave in and shot it! (In a good way)

Though technically, not very good, it is probably the best I am ever going to get. If you know what type of bird this is, I would be happy to know.