A Few Recent Edits

I always have good intentions of keeping up with this blog, but other things seem to get in the way.  Or, maybe I am just too lazy?  Either way, here are a few recent edits.

But, just to clarify, I do check out the Blogs of those die hard bloggers still doing it, but probably don’t comment as much as I should.  Suppose it comes back to that lazy thing again. 😦

Obviously you can tell I am on a textural rampage at the moment, but this too will pass 🙂

Have a fabulous day folks.
Picardy-web tree-2594-texture-2594 Sugar Loaf Rock-8622 edit web Windmill-and-Tank_2581-edit-web Afloat in Fog


Sharp Point, Albany, Western Australia

Fellow shooter Shawn Hayward and I went up to Sharp Point in Albany.  I have tried to photograph this spot many times, but the howling winds have thwarted me every time, and I have come home disappointed, vowing to go back another time to try again.

The afternoon was beautiful and calm, epic clouds forming, stunning blue water, colour to die for on the cliffs, what could go wrong?

I had borrowed the Canon 5DMIII to test drive.  I thought I had changed everything to how I wanted the camera set up, not so!  One big mistake and I once again came away disappointed.  Must change camera from JPEG to RAW!!! Duh right?   I thought I had, but in my rush, I hadn’t quite pressed the button hard enough.  So 90% of my shoot was in JPEG.

I went out not expecting to like the camera, and the first half hour or so, I really didn’t.  Who needs to read the manual right, it can’t be that different to the Mark II surely?  Ha!! It is amazing how you get to know your own camera back to front, and I can operate it without even thinking now.  The Mark III really isn’t that different, but some controls I use, after every shot are now on opposite sides of the camera back to what I am used to.

This made me start doing moves that a contortionist would be proud of with my right hand, completely ignoring the fact that I have a perfectly good left hand, dangling by my side doing nothing, NOTHING!!

And LIVE View!!  Where the heck was that?!  Which meant I spent a good chunk of valuable light trying to bring up my histogram because I pretty much can’t shoot without it now.  Once I actually figured out how to read one that is.  Thank you Nick Rains!!


By the end of an hour or so with a camera that I had no interest in wanting to own, I have come away very, very impressed with all that it can do, and it is now on my list of things that I NEED!

Bye for now, I am off to scour the house and sheds to see what things my husband doesn’t need anymore to fund my burning need to own this camera. 🙂

Three Islands Sharp Point and Windfarm Lone Island Sharp Point untitled-8960-Panorama-copy-web Rain

Against the Elements

One day out, three usable shots!!  Visiting my new nephew in Borden, WA with my daughter, I thought I would (as always) use the opportunity to catch some shots on the journey.  But it turned into an epic battle against mother nature, and my semi-loved child.  The wind was fierce, which in turn made it hard to get a sharp shot, and my trusty side kick refused to get out of the car (in fear of messing the hair I am sure).

Picture this!  There I was in the howling winds, on the side of a major road, Road Trains zooming by trying to change lenses.  I turned my back to the wind (facing the road) struggling to stay upright and a gust of wind blows my t-shirt almost over my head and my bits saying hello to all and sundry.  Truck driver grins and gives me a wave!!  Mortified, I tuck my t-shirt into my pants reminiscent of a horrible 80’s fashion disaster and try to snap a shot and literally get blown over on my butt.

Feeling a little put out, I look over at my loving child in the car for some assistance, only to see her in the driver’s seat with a maniacal grin waving the car keys at me threatening to drive off and leave me to the elements (and rogue truck drivers).  I get to the car, and she has locked me out! Laughing hysterically until she cries, she has the music pumping, pretending I don’t exist.

At this stage, I used “The Look”!!  Any mother will tell you “The Look” usually yields results.  Unfortunately my Hairy Eyeball lost some of its punch along with my dignity at the preceding comedy of errors.  When I eventually got in the car the next 50km or so were fairly silent, except for the occasional snigger from my child!!

So here is one of the shots I managed.

Canon 5D Mark II – 17-40mmL – Graduated ND8 & ND4 filters for the sky.  And a few tricks learned from the Guru Christian Fletcher to tickle the image. If you are thinking of doing one if his courses, I highly recommend it, you will learn so much!!


Pipe Line

Kelvin Robinson chauffeured me around Kwinana & Rockingham and this is one of the shots from the day out and about.

Sorry Pete 😉


Bremer Bay, Western Australia

Our annual Photography club weekend away was to Bremer Bay.  So much to see and photograph, two days was definitely not enough.  Was heading back this week, but got called in to work 😦


Lady of the Lake

This is an image I have had for about 18 months.  I’ve always liked it, but didn’t really know what to do with it.  So a few weeks ago, I had a play.

I was going for the spooky feel, not sure if I achieved it or not!

Altered Landscape Debate

Lately there has been much discussion on Altered Landscapes.  I have to admit, I am confused as to the definition.  So, I went through my archives trying to find something that I think fits the bill and came up with these.

If someone can clear up what an “Altered Landscape” is, I would appreciate the clarification, as I still have no clue!

Sugar Loaf Rock again.

Ok, it’s another one of this rock, but I can’t get enough of it.  This was taken with an ND8 filter and has been desaturated by about 25%.  It’s still vibrant and over the top, but I thought I’d post it anyway because I like the cloud formation…

I have tried to desaturate it more, but it starts to look murky and flat.  Any and all critique gratefully accepted.  Merv that means you 🙂

Sharp Point, Albany, WA

I chose the wrong night to head out to Sharp Point.  Howling winds made getting a sharp shot almost impossible and out of about 50 shots, I only kept 3.

Add to this scenario my husband (who never comes on a shoot with me, and whom I shall not invite again until my heart recovers), who kept freaking me out getting too close to the edge of the cliffs in 40km plus winds.  Hope you like it 🙂

The Watcher

This picture was only my second foray into using textures, but remains one of my favourite images to date.  It consists of four layers, the tree, the crow and two textures from Shadow House Creations.  Do yourself a favour and check out this guys work.  Amazing stuff!!