Fuji X100 !!

After a horrendous start to the year, I have found my enthusiasm for photography has been squashed and then stomped upon!! But the amazing True North Mark and Camera Solutions (Murray Street Mall) got my creative juices flowing again.  Thanks guys.

Several photographers met for a walk around Murray Street mall with cameras in hand.  Having rushed to Perth the previous week, I came without my trusty 5D II, but was able to use the Fuji X100.

Not having used the camera before, I was seriously under-prepared for the outing, (and looked like the poor relation next to all the beautiful big Canons, and the odd Nikon) but I soon fell in love with it and am keen to shoot with it some more.

The following are some snaps taken on the night and I must point out that I shamelessly stole the idea for the lady in the fountain from the one and only fabulous Nigel Gaunt of Red Dirt Photography.


Calm after the Storm

This is a 5 stich pano done in CS5.  Gotta say, that program takes all the hard work out of stitching. I haven’t had to retouch at all.  I have left this shot pretty much straight out of the camera, but have added a little cooling filter to take down the yellow tone some.

Pipe Line

Kelvin Robinson chauffeured me around Kwinana & Rockingham and this is one of the shots from the day out and about.

Sorry Pete 😉


Old Power Station

While visiting Perth recently, I had the pleasure to accompany several photographers on a shoot, and each one showed me some amazing places to shoot.  I know I will definitely be revisiting some of them again.  Thanks Leigh, Dianne and Kelvin!

I thought I would show the before and after shots of one.  The texture used is my own and original is shot one stop under to get that dark feel.

Canon 5D Mark II, 70-200 f2.8L II, f8, 1/200, ND8 Graduated filter



City Lines

A shot that caught me a first placing in the Albany show.

Securely Bolted

Altered Landscapes aren’t my thing, but I am beginning to think I quite like the concept of them.  On a recent photography trip with a friend, I found myself looking for that elusive “Altered” shot, instead of the typical pretty landscapes I normally do.  And I came home with hundreds of shots of rubbish bins, walls, and ugly buildings!  Go figure!! 🙂