A Few Recent Edits

I always have good intentions of keeping up with this blog, but other things seem to get in the way.  Or, maybe I am just too lazy?  Either way, here are a few recent edits.

But, just to clarify, I do check out the Blogs of those die hard bloggers still doing it, but probably don’t comment as much as I should.  Suppose it comes back to that lazy thing again. 😦

Obviously you can tell I am on a textural rampage at the moment, but this too will pass 🙂

Have a fabulous day folks.
Picardy-web tree-2594-texture-2594 Sugar Loaf Rock-8622 edit web Windmill-and-Tank_2581-edit-web Afloat in Fog


Double Lock

December has been crazy with work and I haven’t been out for weeks with my camera!  So this is what you get today!  Nothing special, but I just love all the textures so thought I would share.

Also added my new logo, some dude wanted to charge me $1300 to design a logo for me, I politely declined and made one myself.  Figured I could put that $1300 I just earned toward a new lens 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful Xmas and a very safe Happy New Year. 🙂


Another shot from our Bremer Bay weekend.  I’ve just noticed my friend Julie has an almost identical shot, check it out here.  We must think alike photographically Julie 🙂

Pipe Line

Kelvin Robinson chauffeured me around Kwinana & Rockingham and this is one of the shots from the day out and about.

Sorry Pete 😉


Old Power Station

While visiting Perth recently, I had the pleasure to accompany several photographers on a shoot, and each one showed me some amazing places to shoot.  I know I will definitely be revisiting some of them again.  Thanks Leigh, Dianne and Kelvin!

I thought I would show the before and after shots of one.  The texture used is my own and original is shot one stop under to get that dark feel.

Canon 5D Mark II, 70-200 f2.8L II, f8, 1/200, ND8 Graduated filter



Lady of the Lake

This is an image I have had for about 18 months.  I’ve always liked it, but didn’t really know what to do with it.  So a few weeks ago, I had a play.

I was going for the spooky feel, not sure if I achieved it or not!

Securely Bolted

Altered Landscapes aren’t my thing, but I am beginning to think I quite like the concept of them.  On a recent photography trip with a friend, I found myself looking for that elusive “Altered” shot, instead of the typical pretty landscapes I normally do.  And I came home with hundreds of shots of rubbish bins, walls, and ugly buildings!  Go figure!! 🙂

The Watcher

This picture was only my second foray into using textures, but remains one of my favourite images to date.  It consists of four layers, the tree, the crow and two textures from Shadow House Creations.  Do yourself a favour and check out this guys work.  Amazing stuff!!


Inner Peace

While recently redecorating our bedroom, my husband complained that it was too “pretty” and nothing of his was out on display.  Now, many wives will understand why this is so.  Football, cricket, and motorsports don’t usually go with the theme in most bedrooms, and should be relegated to games rooms, garages or, the depths of the deepest, darkest closet in the house.

My husband loves to grow roses, and spends much time nurturing them to produce gorgeous blooms each year.  So, to compromise, I took a photograph of one of the roses called “Peace” and played around with some textures.  While not really fitting the theme of my new decor that well, I am willing to compromise.

Textured Blossom

I am one of those people who can’t delete an image.  Even if I think it is terrible at the time, I keep it and consequently my hard-drive is drowning in thousands of unused images.  So, I decided to go through them and start deleting unusable shots.  That was quite the joke, and all I have done is transferred them to a portable hard-drive to free up my computer in readiness to drown it with the next batch of unusable shots.

But, in doing so, I come across the odd image that I wonder why I didn’t use it before!  This is one of them.

The texture used is from the AMAZING Shadow House Creations.  Check it out, this man has some serious talent!